Sacramento Copier Sales and Leasing

Leasing a Xerox

A lot of times copiers can be very expensive, and this is why businesses will often try to seek out used copiers. But used copiers, while a lot cheaper in the short term, can turn out to be a very big hassle in the long run. This is a why when we run across a company that needs a copier but doesn’t have enough money to spend

Xerox Phaser 3635MFP

upfront, we will recommend leasing a copier.

Leasing copiers can also be risky because there are different options about the kinds of leases you can get. It is important that you get a lease that works best for your business. There are two general kinds leases: The fair market value lease requires the business to pay the total amount of what is left after the lease term has ended, and the while in dollar buyback lease, which requires the lessee to pay the total amount of the copier each month during the course of the lease. Each one of these options can have their downside. The first option causes the lessee to pay a larger amount of money at the end of the lease which can be an inconvenience. The second option causes the lessee to pay more per month which can also cause inconvenience.

Xerox offers a lot of great leasing options that can work for any business in the Boston area. Please give us a call at (857) 243-2056 and we would love the opportunity to help your company get the perfect copier.