Copier Leasing in Sacramento

Sacramento Copier Leases

Leasing a copier in Sacramento got you down? It’s a tough pill to swallow when you’ve locked yourself in and can’t seem to find the way out. Hindsight is usually 20/20, but many people don’t even see it in hindsight, and get rolled over into another copier lease AGAIN!

We’re here to help you understand the teeny letters in a lease and learn how those hundredths of a cent are either working for you or against you. You see, Sacramento copier reps have some flexibility in what they charge you, and size you up for how much they can take you for. If you skim over the lease in a slipshod manner they will know that they can take you to the Sacramento cleaners and you won’t even know it because it’s spread out over 5 years and that little number per page seems so small and it’s all inclusive.

Look a little closer and you’ll see the “Benjamins” hiding on every page of that contract adding up to thousands of dollars! Sacramento isn’t lenient with suckers, so do your research!