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Black and White Copiers

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Why in the world would anyone buy a black and white copier in Sacramento when there is all of this color technology out there?  That’s a great question.  There are generally 3 reasons why someone would choose a black and white copier over a color copier

  1. No need for color (why have the liability of maintaining 13 consumable items when you could maintain 2 or 3?)
  2. Cost — Color does cost more.
  3. Need for Speed — A black and white copier at an equivalent price point will always outperform a color copier

If you need a copier and just want the basics, maybe with some color scan capability and possibly some finishing, a black and white copier in Sacramento makes sense.  If you need to push a ton of output and want the copier to be more reliable, a black and white copier makes more sense.