When to Consider Dumping Your Current Copier Provider…

Time for a Change?

Are you in a copier contract that seems to be eating a lot of your company’s profitability? It is pretty common.  Maybe you need to consider switching vendors as your contract is coming up, or at least giving your current company some real competition.  It is strange, sometimes company’s will get a few competitive quotes and then tell the current provider what everyone else is charging if their prices are too high…

Here is why this is kind of crazy:

  • If you are asking for competitive quotes and the current provider is thousands of dollars more expensive than an alternative, it’s likely they were when they quoted you on the first copier.
  • Why reward someone for being too expensive with their copier in Sacramento?

If you think about it, giving someone that kind of competitive advantage only encourages them to be uncompetitive.  If you want the best prices and best service in Sacramento on a copier, reward the company that offers it to you up front.

We hope you will consider giving us a chance to earn your copier business in Sacramento!