How To Properly Lease A Copier Sacramento Businesses Need: Lease Rate Ladders Exposed

There's some freedom and relaxation for you if you understand lease rate ladders and your Sacramento Copier

If I told you that I could save you a thousand dollars on your next Sacramento copier lease you might not believe me. So to show you exactly what I mean, I’ll lay it out step by step, and the whole concept hinges on one question. Lease ladders are a tool Sacramento copier leasing companies use to determine your rate. They can be in increments of a few thousand or even ten thousand. Your Sacramento copier rep will tell you if you’re in the right tier or bracket to qualify for more savings. But what they don’t tell you many times is how close you are! Let me explain it this way:

  • You should ask how close your quote is to the next higher bracket for savings
  • You can save thousands or hundreds over your contract term by getting into one higher
  • Buy your way into it if you’re close, and calculate out your savings to be sure

You’ll find that many times you can spend under $500 or even as little as $25 to get into the next bracket up and save loads over the life of your copier Sacramento companies put under contract! It’s ridiculous how one little minuscule question and couple hundred dollar action can get you more and save you more at the same time. Imagine finding out about these hidden savings in all areas of Sacramento copier buying and leasing! Keep reading and call with any questions!