Quote Itemization And A Copier Sacramento Reps Are Quoting You On

You may have a chance at getting a good deal on a Sacramento copier, but itemize to be sure!

Itemizing a Sacramento copier quote may just be the most overlooked thing in the copier industry! It is tedious and boring to look at an itemized quote where every expenditure is spelled out, but how else are you to be assured you know what you’re buying? Low toner and equipment costs are the two biggest lures into a Sacramento copier contract, but the most deadly due to the costs of consumables. Sacramento copier costs are brutal, and if you take into account consumables you can be looking at 1-3% of a company’s entire revenue in printing costs! Here are some of the more expensive ones:

  • Imaging units are not cheap
  • Transfer belts aren’t free
  • Fusers aren’t always reliable

And guess what? Consumables such as these are very rarely included in a quote unless you specifically require it to be itemized! Sacramento copier companies don’t necessarily like this because they have to do more work, and it gives you the information that doesn’t always go in their favor! So it’s definitely in the best interest of the Sacramento copier company to omit this information due to the extra time and work with a greater risk of getting turned down. But it’s you or them, so know what you need to know in order to make the most educated decision!