Color Prints Are Valuable

Printing in color can make the difference in Sacramento

On instinct color copying seems better. Given the option we like to see it better, we print it when given the choice, and it has an air of quality. But is it really worth spending more on? Xerox recently released an article that covered just that question. Here are some of the highlights, I’ll let you do the math.

  • A newsletter or a pamphlet has been found to have 2.5 seconds to catch you buyer’s eye. Color increases the professionalism and the look of a newsletter thereby increasing its chance of being read.
  • Color increases the attention span of a reader by 82%.
  • Studies on telephone listing have found that color ads increased responses by 44%.
  • 55% of people will pick up a colored piece of mail first.
  • Color reduces errors by 80%. In an office that can be really valuable, errors cost money.
  • Color helps sell by 80% more. Wow. (The proper application of color really draws your eye to the important information in that sentence, doesn’t it?)
  • Color helps increase brand recognition by 80%.

If you are looking to buy a color copier in Sacramento fell free to call.