Cheap Color Costs Per-click

Find the bottom line

If you have been shopping for a copier for any amount of time you’ve probably realized that it gets confusing fast. There are a bunch of different styles of quotes, and no one seems to do their math the same. Here is a little trick that can add some clarity to a convoluted process.

If you want to get to the bottom line between two copiers you need to find the differential. So let’s say that you are looking at a $6000 copier and a $12000 copier. Your differential between the two machines is $6000. Now do the same thing for the clicks. If the $12000 copier is $.06 per click, and the $6000 is $.09 per click then the differential is $.03. So to find you “break point” divide the $6000 that you found by the $.03 that you found and you get 200,000. This is the number that you would need to do for it to be worth the $6000 differential, basically 3,333 prints per month. So if you were doing 2,000 prints per month it wouldn’t be a good idea to go with the $12,000 copier.

If you want to make sure your taking everything into consideration, give us a call.