You Don’t Always Need to Call a Tech

Problems that can be solved without a Tech Part 1

Quite often we get service calls from customers that could easily have handled the problem themselves. This is the first problem of a few that I’ll be posting to help the good folks of Sacramento before they pay a tech to fix a simple problem.

Have you ever gotten the dreaded “black stripe”? It’s the stripe that shows up, typically at the worst time possible, and goes right through whatever you were printing. The initial thought is that it must be an internal problem so we often get calls right away. Here are a few steps to try before you call in.

  1. Run your document through the document processor and see if it has the same stripe.
  2. Now run it off the glass. If it’s in a different place or has gone away, grab a bottle of Windex and give the glass a good cleaning.
  3. If the problem isn’t solved you know that there is a problem that you can’t solve. Now is the time to make a service call.

  If you appreciate attention to service we would love to help you get the right copier, feel free to call with any questions.