You Don’t Always Need to Call a Tech

You don’t always need to call a tech Part 3

Many times we get service calls that could easily be solved by the user in a few minutes. To be sure that you aren’t spending time and money on an easy problem check out this tip.

If your copier isn’t printing there are a few questions you need to ask. 1 – has it printed before? 2 – do you have the right driver installed for the printer? 3 – Is your network cable plugged in securely? If none of these fix it you should check to see if the printer’s ip address matches the one you have in your system. You can do this on your computer by clicking the start menu, selecting Printers and Faxes, then right click on the copier and select properties, then click ports and expand the column with the ip. If the numbers don’t match you need to call an IT guy, not a repair tech.

We show the same care in selecting copiers as we do in keeping you informed on this web page. Call us if you are looking for a copier in the Sacramento area.