How to buy an 11×17 copier the smart way

Tips for your next tabloid copier purchase in Sacramento 

Make a good decision on your 11×17 purchase.

If you are looking for a copier that has 11×17 capabilities in Sacramento then you are smart to do your research. Adding tabloid functionality alone can raise the price of your machine three thousand dollars. So how do you know if you are making the best decision.

As with anything there isn’t a cut and dry answer. We have found that if ten percent or more of your total copies are 11×17 then it’s a safe bet to get the machine. If you are below that then you are probably going to lose out by buying the tabloid copier.

If you are on the line then there are some decisions to make. Do you absolutely need tabloid prints? If so how inconvenient will it be, and how much will it cost you to have them made elsewhere? Consider factors like these before you decide.

If you are still having trouble on your decision, please call.