Expert advice on copier usage in Sacramento

Considerations that can save you money

Don’t spend money when it’s not necessary

If you’re like me you like to consult an expert before you make decisions. Sometimes there are thoughts out there that only someone in the industry will come up with in the first place. Here are a few tips along those lines.

1. When you purchase a copier look at the total cost of the machine over the course of your contract. Add in the cost of the machine, the cost per print and everything else except paper before you buy.

2. Check out the maintenance records on all of your copiers. Is one breaking down a lot? How much is that costing you in time and repairs?

3. If you can get away with letter/legal then do it! Don’t get tabloid unless it’s necessary.

4. If you don’t need color then don’t get it. It will be used, and as a result it will cost you money.

5. Let your rep know if you work for a large business. Sometimes he will be able to get you “major account” pricing.

If you have questions regarding your next copier purchase feel free to give us a call.