Eco Friendly Copiers in Sacramento

Buy an Eco Friendly Copier

Making sure you get Eco Friendly Copiers is a good idea:

You can save money when you purchase or lease a copier in Sacramento by looking for the Energy Star label. These copy machines are more energy efficient than models without the rating. Government studies have shown that an Energy Star copier can save more than $100 over its life, which is typically three to five years. Another way to save energy is to turn the machine off at night, and wait until you need to use it before turning it on the following day. When evaluating a new copy machine, ask about the warm-up period. In addition to your preferred features, determine whether the copier has power management functions. Like paper, toner and routine maintenance, energy consumption is an operating expense. An eco-friendly machine can use recycled paper and reduce your cost as well.

If your company is in the Sacramento area, contact our office for assistance selecting a copier. We have multifunction devices that can lower your cost and carbon footprint. Our team can customize leasing plans and service agreements that accommodate your budget.