Sacramento Copier Data Security

Sacramento Copier Security

The idea that a copier needs to be secure isn’t usually on the forefront of anyone’s mind. The machine just copies paper, right? Put the paper in, let the machine work, and take the paper out. This is what many professionals in the Sacramento area thing. Unfortunately, these professionals are wrong. Since 2002, most copiers sold on the market contain a hard dive. This little piece of computer hardware keeps track of everything that is copied on the machine. A copier is no longer just a device that spits out exact replicas of any given page; it is a complex computer that can be hacked. When you sell your old copier, make sure the hard drive is erased. Is your office copier also used as a printer? How does what you want to print get to the machine? If it isn’t hooked up via network cables, there is a Wi-Fi device inside the copier.

Any Wi-Fi signal can be caught and the data duplicated on another machine. This same data is being recorded on the copier hard drive. It is easy to forget that modern copiers are also technological marvels. Treat your copier as you would a computer and be careful with your copier security. Call us for more tips on how to keep your Sacramento copier safe.