Xerox Innovation

special handshakeA century ago if a human being wanted to make a single copy of a document there were few affordable options other than transcribing the material by hand. This frustration drove Chester Carlson, the inventor of “xerography” to experiment with new “dry copying processes.” Carlson was a patent lawyer who had grown tired of hand copying patent applications. Obsessed with printing processes from an early age, Carlson spent several years of his life experimenting with plates full of burning sulfur in his own kitchen. Like many other inventors Carlson developed “xerography” through a long process of trial and error.

In 1938, Carlson had a breakthrough and sought out a company to develop his “dry copying” invention into a machine. Following a long search for a company to develop his invention; a small Rochester, NY based company known as Haloid decided to take on the challenge of making a machine based on his invention. A few years later Haloid released the first “XEROX” machine and the small company changed its name to XEROX.

Over the years, the XEROX corporation has continued to innovate developing the first personal computer, mouse (then known as a pointer), and graphical user display—all of which were licensed to Steve Jobs resulting in the development of the first Macintosh computer.

So if you are a company in the market for a copier, call your XEROX representative. Find out what XEROX innovation can do for you.