Pay the Professional for Set-Up

A lot of times the set-up fee is included in the initial purchase price for the copier. This can be nice because then you won’t have to think about finding somebody to set-up your new copier, but just know that this does not mean that the set-up is free for your new copier. It just simply means that the fee is

Don't Go in Blind

Don’t Go in Blind

included in the cost of buying the copier.

Now, obviously it is not ideal to have to pay an “extra” fee for the installation of your new machine after just paying money for the copier in the first place but from what we have been witness to, it almost always works out better to pay a professional to have your copier installed than say having the IT guy do the installation while he’s in the middle of doing his other tasks. Of course the IT guy is probably a very capable man, but this doesn’t mean he has the time or experience that is necessary for ensuring that your new copier gets installed correctly the very first time. This kind of decision almost always leads to unnecessary complications in owing a copier. To make sure that you get everything you want out of your copier, pay the extra few hundred dollars and have you $7,000 copier installed correctly the very first time.

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