Keeping Copiers Clean

Keeping a copier clean is important if you want to be able to insure that your copier will last for as long as you would like it to and for it to function properly. Dust can be a real problem for copiers. The pieces of dust can get into the machine and cause it to start jamming up and even breaking down after a while.

To keep the machine clean, you should turn it off and cover it when you are not using it. You can also put a

Copier Sales in Sacramento

Copier Sales in Sacramento

piece of cheesecloth over the air intake so that it will keep dust from infiltrating your machine. Similarly, it is important that you regularly change the air filter, depending on what your particular model calls for.

In order to keep moisture out of the copier, it is wise to keep silica gel packets in the paper trays. Wiping off the optic area with glass cleaner is also a good way of cutting down on grime. Also, canned air is a great way of removing dust from the inner mechanics of your copier.

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