Used Copiers are not Always Cheaper

If you find a used copier that will save you a lot of money upfront, it will not necessarily save you money for the entire time you own your copier. This is a common misconception, however. It is similar to buying a used car: If you find a used car that has very few miles on it, but the car has been severely Xerox-WorkCentre-7425-7428-7435mistreated for those miles, it is probably not going to be a great car to own.

Similarly, if a used copier has been mistreated by the people who owned it previously, it could very easily cost you a lot of money in repairs and maintenance down the road. Just remember that you should not be lured into buying a copier because its used price tag is much less upfront. It could very easily come back to haunt your Sacramento business.

If you are looking to buy a used or new copier, we have had a lot of great success finding businesses in the Sacramento area copiers they can be happy with for a long amount of time. Please give us a call at (916)233-2608 and we would love the opportunity to help your business find the best copier possible.