Problem Solving Without Calling a Technician

We get a lot of calls from customers because their copier is not working properly and so they assume that they need a technician to come and fix the problem, but so many times the problem is actually checklistsomething that they could have easily fixed with just a little bit of problem solving. 

One of the problems that arises pretty frequently is the dreaded black stripe. This is the stripe that runs right through the middle of your document – probably a really important document that you need right away because these things never happen at a time of convenience. Most people think that this is caused by something internal to the machine and so people immediately call for a technician to come and fix the problem but it can usually be fixed by trying a couple things first.

Try running the document through the document processor and see if the same stripe shows up. If it does show up, then run the document off the class and if the strip is in a different place, you should try to clean the glass with some windex. If this doesn’t work then you probably need to contact a technician and have it fixed.

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