Is Used Necessarily Cheaper?

Most of the time it is assumed that used copiers will be a cheaper investment for a business, but this is not always true. While used copiers are less expensive upfront they can often times end up costing you more money in the longbelt-tightening run because they will cost more for repairs and maintenance. It is a lot like buying a used car: if that used care has been treated well for its life then it might end up being a great investment but if the previous owner didn’t change the oil regularly or put a lot of hard miles on it then it could prove to be a constant cost because of repairs and the like.

If the used copier you are looking at has not been maintained well and was fed improperly stored paper and such, it could end up costing your business a lot of unforeseen money in the long run. It is just important that you don’t only look at the price tag, but instead look into how the copier was treated – have it looked at before you spend the money.

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