Desktop Copiers

time-is-moneyWhen businesses are purchasing a copier, they often buy the same kind of copier they had.  This can make sense if the business has not really changed, but if the business had changed, then it could be like buying the same car and not paying attention to changes in the family.  The small sports car works great when you are single, but if you have 3 kids, you may need something different.

Copiers work the same way.  If you need a copier to just print off a few pages, emails, etc, there is no need to purchase a $10000 copier ($190 a month lease).  If you are doing just a little bit of printing, you may be able to get away with a $900 copier.  Picking the right copier is important because if you can save enough on the copier, you can invest in other business technology like document management.

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