Letter/Legal or Tabloid in Your Copier?

Sacramento Copier

Sacramento companies that are looking to buy a new copier for their office should make sure they choose a device that really fits their needs instead of just selecting one off the cuff. A lot of these companies will look through a demo and then make their final decision based only on what they’ve seen in it. This can be a wrong move, as you may end up with options that aren’t necessary and cost a whole lot more.

One of the most common errors that can occur is that the company will mistakenly believe that they need to have tabloid copying available in their Sacramento office, when in reality they may be fine with a copier that doesn’t have it. Often these businesses aren’t already using tabloid when they’re making their decision, but they want to play it safe and get it just in case they need it in the future. That can mean a few thousand dollars in extra costs.

Assess your copier needs thoroughly before deciding on a device in Sacramento. If you have other options that can print it, don’t spend the extra money to order a copier with tabloid.