Getting a Copier Lease in Sacramento

Xerox 7835 CopierAre You Being Scammed? Your Copier Lease Agreement

While lease agreements can be a fair and legitimate method of receiving a copier at a lower price, you do have to watch out. For example, beware of complicated lease forms and salesman who skip the small print. An honest copier representative will give you a straightforward form, and they will break the contract down into plain English. They will talk about how much you will pay, and how often you will make payments.

If the lease terms seem sketchy, do not wait to sign the contract and find out later. It is better to walk away early than to do something that makes you uncomfortable and feel sorry for it later. Copier leases can be a great method of not having to pay for a copier upfront. However, you do have to exercise caution before signing a lease.