Getting a Copier in Sacramento?

Buying a copier in Sacramento is a process most business owners do not love to do.  Maybe this is why it only happens once every 5 years.  When buying a copier, it is easy to just get it from the company that sells the current copier you have.  It keeps it fast and easy.  The problem is it isn’t always very cost effective.

When you are looking at copiers, you will need to decide if you want a color copier or a black and white copier.  A color copier allows you to do the marketing and financial reports in color and makes it so you don’t have to outsource your printing.  The problem with color is if everyone starts to print everything in color, it can get expensive rather quickly.

With a black and white copier, you generally have less service issues, because there are less things that can go wrong.  The cost per print tends to be cheaper.  But if you can’t print in color, when there is a proposal that needs to go to a major client, now you have to outsource that job, which takes extra time and energy.

We love helping Sacramento companies find the perfect copier for their needs.  Give us a call to learn how we can help!