Assign a Copier Manager

Money saving tip: Assign a copier manager

Having a copier in your office can be an extremely beneficial, but costly addition to your business. Copiers use a number of materials that constantly need to be replaced. These costs may seem small at first but they can add up over time. One of the most efficient ways to save money on your copier is to assign a copier manager.

A copier uses materials like toner and paper that need to be replaced, which costs the company money. Many people do not plan ahead and only order when they are low. While this probably works, it can cost you money because you do not know where the products are going. Are print jobs essential or are people wasting paper? Is someone using color when black and white prints will do just fine?

Questions like these can be easily answered when a copier manager is assigned to the office. They will become responsible for monitoring the activity of the copier. They will be able to see where there is excessive waste, and who the culprit may be. They will also be able to make sure that you never run out of toner or paper again, if they are doing their jobs right.

A copier manager should be:

  • Someone who knows the copier well. Make sure they know their way around so that they are able to solve problems that may arise.
  • Can take on extra responsibility. Do not hire an addition person to be the copier manager. This should be someone already in your office who is able to manage the task.
  • Someone who is good at recognizing spending patterns. You want this person to be able to detect where money is being wasted. Make sure they understand the parts of the copier that cost the most money to the business.

Decide who you wish to manage your copier and send an email or set a meeting to establish that person. From here on out they will become your in-house copier expert.

If your copier manager ever has questions or needs help troubleshooting, then Copier Sacramento will be there to help. We can make sure that your copier manager understands their copier as best as they can.