Stop Overspending on Prints!

The process of leasing a copier can be daunting. There are so many features to consider and recurring monthly payments to figure out. There are some predatory copier leasing companies that know this and want to take advantage of you. Copier Sacramento is not like the other guys. We want to help you save money and show you one of the most common ways to stop overspending on prints.

Once you pick the perfect copier for your office you need to start thinking about monthly print quantity. This is the amount of prints you expect to actually be putting out on a monthly basis. This is crucial when figuring out how much you may be spending per month. Figuring out what you need per month is how the other copier leasing companies will try and fool you.

Let’s say that your company was using around 25,000 prints per month. After looking at your records you are sure that 25,000 prints is the right amount to go with, but the salesperson disagrees. They may try to convince you that it is actually smarter to get 30,000 prints a month, just to be safe. They may even offer to drop the price per print to try and help you, but it is still a scam.

Here is a simplified example of how they will try to scam you.

  • You want 25,000 prints, and the price will be $.015 per print.
  • They suggest 30,000 prints, but at $.014 per print.

(25,000 prints) X ($.015) = $375 per month

(30,000 prints) X ($.014) = $420 per month

When you do the math, even though the price per print is lower, you would still be paying more overall with the suggested 30,000 print option. You would be spending an extra $45 per month, every month, for the entire 5 year lease. This would cost you $2,700 over the time of your lease!

This is why you want to buy as close to the actual amount you use as possible. Even going a little under is fine. Around 80% of your estimated print usage is generally a safe spot to be.

Stop overspending on prints, and make sure you are not being taken for a ride. At Copier Sacramento we are on your side and are dedicated to your happiness.

To learn more about print usage and copier leases please call us today!