Security for your Copier

Copiers offer great solutions for offices, but they carry risks that not everyone is aware of. Cyber security is more important than it has ever been, and that means that even copiers are immune to security attacks. Luckily, there are options to help add security for your copier.

Many people do not know this, but there is actually a hard drive in most copiers currently being sold. The hard drive helps to automate several parts of the copying process. It also copies and saves every documents and page that is copied on that particular machine. This means that any personal or private information that was copied, at any point, could be accessed by someone who got into that hard drive.


Adding security to your copier is the only way to stop these kinds of attacks from happening. Network security is not enough. Only security on your copier itself will protect the hard drive inside.

Luckily, most copier companies like Xerox offer security for your copier. The security options generally come in some sort of security kit that can be installed for a one-time fee. The security kit will erase everything saved on the hard drive after every copy. This ensures that if someone was to get into the hard drive that no personal data will be stored.

It is standard protocol to have some sort of network security, but many people leave their copiers vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This is usually partly because people are not aware, and partly because people do not think it is as big of an issue as it actually is.

Is losing clients and personal data worth a small fee to protect you and your business’s good name? If you would like to know more about adding security for your copier then please call Copier Sacramento. We are the copier experts in California and want to help you with all your copier needs!