Ending Your Copier Lease

Copier Tips: Ending your copier lease

At Copier Sacramento we are dedicated to spreading the truth about copier leases. We have seen all the scams, and want to help you avoid superfluous charges. One of the most common areas that we see unnecessary charges is during the end of a copier lease. There are several steps to take to help make sure you are not being taken advantage of when ending your copier lease.

The first thing you need to do is look closely at your lease for when your lease is terminated. There are several important things to note.

  1. What is the date that your lease is ending? Simply note the date and write it on a calendar.
  2. Look to see if there is a provision that allows for continued charges. This is extremely important. Some companies will continue to charge you unless you specifically request to terminate the lease.
  3. If your lease does have the above provision, note when you need to give notice of lease termination. This is crucial because there is almost no recourse if you miss the date and are charged.

Copier leasing companies love to include these provisions because many people are unaware. They can often squeeze an extra few months out of a lease and earn extra money because they never specifically told you about the recurring charge. Make note of when you need to give notice of termination and DO NOT MISS THAT DATE.

Once you have given notice to terminate the lease, simply make sure everything is packaged correctly. Remove toner cartridges and place them in secure, zip lock bags. Then, check your user’s manual for any other parts that may need to be packaged separately. These could be paper trays, loose pieces, or anything else that can help with shipping.

Finally confirm pickup with your leasing company and return the copier. If you follow these steps then you can avoid getting charged when ending your copier lease.

If you have any other questions about your copier lease then please contact Copier Sacramento. We can help you see where you may be getting overcharged, or help you get a fair lease with us today!