The Importance of a Copier Manager

Copiers use a variety of materials that you need to keep track of every month. There can be a lot to account for between prints, toner, and repairs for parts. It can be a pain to try and operate as cheaply as you can without any help. That’s why having a copier manager in the office can be an enormous help.

A copier manager should be someone who already works at the company. They should be someone who can take on the extra responsibility. They should also be someone who is good at keeping organized records, as well as noticing patterns.

A good copier manager will:

  • Keep track of print usage and make a plan for print budgets
  • Keep track of toner usage and who uses the most color
  • Schedule maintenance and services
  • Be able to identify problems with the copier and know basic troubleshooting

A copier manager can help take a lot of the guesswork out of your print and copier operations. It will free up more time for you to focus on the important stuff, while still keeping someone accountable for waste.

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