Why Choose the 60-month Lease

When it comes to copier leases there are usually a variety of options. While there are options for 24-month and 36-month leases, the vast majority of people choose to go with the 60-month option. We thought that was interesting at Copier Sacramento and tried to find out why people choose the 5 year contract.

  • Returning a copier is not always an easy process. Many copier leasing companies use the return phase of your lease as an opportunity to charge fees and bully you into new leases. The process of returning a copier can be arduous, frustrating, and expensive.
  • Your monthly lease payments will be higher on shorter leases. It just makes sense that you would have lower rates over the course of a greater period of time.

There is a definite benefit to going with a shorter lease versus a longer lease. Office technology, just like all technology, is always getting better and better. As copier companies continue to innovate, they offer even better products to keep your office working as you want. When you have a shorter lease you are able to keep up with these advancements.

However, between price and frustration of copier turnover, most people decide that 60 months is the best option. 5 years is not long enough for copiers to become totally obsolete. Many people opt for the lower monthly payment and less difficulty. Why add more stress if you have something that you like?

We offer a variety of lease options at Copier Sacramento. Come in today and let us help set you up with the perfect copier lease to fit your needs.