Expelling Tabloid Copier Myths

If you are experienced in the copier world then you know what a tabloid copier is. Tabloid copiers are extra-large machines that can handle print sizes double the normal legal size. This gives you a greater ability to handle a number of different jobs. However, it does come at a cost. Many people have strong feelings about these machines, so Copier Sacramento is here to help clear the air.

Some people feel that tabloid copiers aren’t worth the extra money. They can cost thousands of dollars extra over the course of a lease, and only about 3% of all paper is printing on tabloid printers. So why would someone pay the extra money? Well, the reality is that not everyone should.

Tabloid copiers are worth every cent you pay if you plan on actually using its features. The cost it comes at is high because it offers more and there is more technology inside. They have the best ability to complete difficult jobs correctly, and give you more freedom than other copier models. You can have full-color capabilities at blazing speeds with a tabloid copier.

However, don’t be fooled by sneaky salespeople. They may try and convince you that tabloid copiers are the best solution for everyone. They give you the ability to do more, if the situation arises. However, they know you will probably never use it and only want to make money.

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