Additional Paper Trays for Increased Production

Copier leases can seem like they last for a long time, especially for a growing business. What once was a perfectly competent copier now cannot keep up with the demands of your business. It may not be able to keep pace anymore, or you may find yourself filling paper far too often. If you find yourself with the good problem of too much growth, then you may want to consider getting extra paper trays.

Adding extra paper trays can benefit you in a number of ways. There is the obvious benefit that you will be able to have a great paper carrying capacity. Many printers only come with a standard paper tray that can hold about 500 sheets. With additional trays you can up your capacity to over 5000 trays.

Additional trays can also be used to help organize your business. You can separate papers by color, and weight for additional organization. It will help your machine for smoothly switch between paper for easier job completion and less worry of a jam.

You can also separate by media size, once again allowing you to organize your copier. This will help you switch seamlessly between tabloid printing, regular printing, and pamphlet printing.

Watching your business grow is exciting, but it means you will be facing new challenges. This is an exciting time, but people may try to take advantage of your success. If you need to increase production, but you love your copier then consider extra trays. Don’t worry about an entire upgrade if you don’t have to.