Why you should secure your Copier

In today’s world of ever-growing technological advances it is becoming harder and harder to protect your data. Cyber security is more important than ever, and people are doing the best to secure their data. However, not all business owners are addressing a weak point in their cyber security. Many people focus solely on strengthening their network security, without thinking about the security of their office machines.

Copiers are equipped with an internal hard drive that helps with a variety of functions. One of these functions is to create a copied image of everything that goes through your copier. That means that ever document that you’ve ever printed, copied, or faxed has a saved image within the copier itself.

Someone could get a lot of private information if they were to access your copier:

  • Personal contacts
  • Home addresses
  • Social security numbers
  • Credit Card numbers
  • Personal information of business associates

Many people do not consider what potentially vital information is contained on your hard drive. That’s why companies like Xerox offer optional security kits in order to help protect you from getting your data taken.

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