Judging your Copier Contract

You are getting ready to sign your lease but you still aren’t sure if you have a good deal or not. You need to remember that leases are essentially contracts between you and your copier leasing company. This means that you are entering into a mutual agreement that you need to understand. It can be scary when you are about to sign a multiyear commitment, but we are here to help you when you are judging your copier contact.

Once again, a contract is an agreement between you and your leasing company. This means that you both need to be happy. Don’t let them bully or scare you into signing something you don’t totally get. Evaluate these three parts of your lease when judging your contract to help see if you are getting what you need.

  1. Find out the true cost. This does not mean just the monthly payment. You should know if your lease is going to stay the same during the entire contract. Alre there any other fees or charges you are expected to pay? Knowing the real cost will give you a better representation of your next few years.
  2. Know that your office will become more effective. The only reason you are getting an office machine is to make your office work better. You need to know that your machine is going to help you complete the goals you have set.
  3. Find out any time restraints. You need to know how much time is going to be needed for things like repairs and new parts to arrive. How long do you think you will be without your machine if something goes wrong? How long will it take to get help?

These different things may not be super clear in your lease. This is because these three areas can only be evaluated by you and your needs. However, if you feel satisfied in these three areas then you will probably have no problems down the road. Judging your copier contract is essential to make sure you are not getting ripped off later on.