Do I Need a Tabloid Copier?

Choosing the right color copier for your business is a big decision. You are choosing something that you will be using for years to come. You have to make sure you are making a good decision. One of the biggest choices right from the beginning is whether or not you need a tabloid copier.

A tabloid copier can be a great addition to your business, if your truly need it. A tabloid copier is the best and biggest color copier you can get or your business. These machines are made for the toughest jobs and the biggest projects, literally. A tabloid machine is able to handle tabloid prints, or prints that are at least double the size of a normal, legal sized page.

This opens up a variety of options when it comes to your copying and printing solutions. You will be able to handle more media with a tabloid copier than you would with any other machine. These machines will be able to print envelopes, posters, and newspapers all with amazing quality.

They are also generally some of the best machines in terms of resolution and production. You will get a full, bright color pallet that allows you to get the most photorealistic prints you can. Furthermore, you will be able to print at blazing speeds you won’t be able to get with lesser models.

Getting a tabloid copier can sound tempting but it’s not for everyone. They are much more expensive than smaller models because they offer so much more.

Give us a call today to learn more about if a tabloid copier is the right choice for your business. We can help you get a great lease on an amazing machine.