Copier Shipping 101

If your copier lease is coming to an end soon then there are some things you need to pay attention to. Many people do not take the time to research what they need to take care of at the end of their copier leases. If you don’t do what you are expected to take care of then ending your copier lease could become more expensive and painful than you planned. One of the most forgotten things to consider is what you need to do when shipping you copier.

A common mistake is to think that your leasing company will take care of shipping your copier for you. However, that is rarely the case. Most of the time it is up to the person who started the lease to figure out how to get their office machine back to their leasing company.

Copier shipping is not a difficult thing to take care of. There are numerous shipping companies who would be happy to help you. It is important to remember that it will become more expensive the longer that you wait.

It is also worth considering that most leasing companies have great relationships with shipping companies. This can mean that they are able to get your copier shipping done for much cheaper than you are able. This is worth considering when negotiating leases because leasing companies may be willing to pick your office machine up free of charge, as long as you start another lease with that company.


Planning your copier shipping is crucial if you want to finish your copier lease correctly. Figure out your plans early to get the best deals and save yourself a headache later.