How to Return an Office Copier

If you want to avoid spending more on your copier lease than you need to then you should pay close attention to the end of your lease. Many people pay such close attention to the start of their lease that they don’t think about what to do when their lease is ending. Understanding how to return an office copier is a big part of making sure that you are doing your part when it comes to your copier lease

You are going to want to look over what you are responsible for when returning your office copier. Don’t just assume that your leasing company is going to come grab your machine from your workplace. Getting your office copier back to your company is going to fall on your lap. Following the correct steps is integral if you do not want to be charged more.

First, make sure that your lease is ending when you think it is. Look out for something called automatic rollover that can make your lease go on for longer than you planned. Call your leasing company and confirm that your lease is going to end when you think it is.

Next, make sure that you having shipping taken care of and planned. Talk with shipping companies early on to get the best deal on shipping your office copier. Then, make sure that you understand how to pack everything to avoid charges later.

Finally, call your leasing company once everything is taken care of. Make sure that you aren’t left with any charges and that everything was taken care of correctly. Until you confirm you are not done with your copier leasing company.