Xerox AltaLink Printers and iBeacon

Xerox AltaLink and iBeacon

Xerox makes the process of getting synched with Apple iBeacon easy once you know the requirements for using AirPrint with your AltaLink printer. Apple iBeacon makes using your AirPrint-enabled Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac computer simpler. Discover available AltaLink® printers, get unhooked from printer subnets and have more freedom when using your devices.

Setting Up iBeacon

How does Apple iBeacon work to make your life simpler? Once your iBeacon Bluetooth® adapter is installed and set up, your printer begins signaling basic discovery information that broadcasts a routable IP address. Next, your Apple device finds nearby AltaLink printers that can be referenced via AirPrint. All the user has to do is:

  • Select a file on your Apple device.
  • Visit the share or “additional options” features.
  • Select the Xerox AltaLink printer.

It’s handled seamlessly via wireless communication to get your documents printed with no need to install any superfluous drivers. The first step to tapping into the ease of Apple iBeacon and AltaLink compatibility is making sure you’re set up for the iBeacon option. The requirements for syncing with iBeacon area:

  • Enabling the USB port on your AltaLink printer.
  • Installing iBeacon Bluetooth adaptors via the AltaLink printer’s rear USB port.
  • Enabling iBeacon.
  • Enabling IPP.
  • Accessing a local routable unicast IPv4 or IPv6 address configuration for the device’s active network interface.
  • Confirming that the interface is wireless or Ethernet.

Your IP Address

It’s also necessary to have the correct IP address configurations. The reason for this is that AirPrint reads the IP address broadcasted by iBeacon to access the printer. The acceptable configurations are IPv4, IPv4 with multiple IPv6 and multiple IPv6 addresses.

A quick configuration is all it takes for barrier-free printing. Are you interested in learning more about setting up Apple iBeacon for AirPrint on AltaLink at your business? Contact us today!