Xerox – Workplace Print Management Solutions

Xerox provides a comprehensive print management solution to connect your team using seamlessly. And the best part is that you don’t have to compromise on security either. This solution integrates access control along with usage tracking. 

When your team is working, they need a convenient way to connect and access your printers and other similar services. Whether they are looking to scan or print using mobile printing or fax using workplace solutions, they can conveniently do so with the Xerox Workplace Print Management Solutions. It will also give you full control of providing access to different users within the network. 

Access control and authentication

The technology ensures authentication and access control so only authorized users can print jobs. The technology integrates with a single sign-on capability, and the printer comes with it too. 

Print Rules and Content Security

With content security, you don’t have to worry about any loss of intellectual property. It allows you to monitor the documents when they are copied, scanned, or printed. You can also set different print rules to control certain users and reduce the print volume. 

Mobile Printing Becomes Easy

With this technology, mobile printing becomes effortless. You can print either from home or on the go using mobile devices. You can either go for pull print or direct print workflow and send jobs for a secure release and retrieve. 

Analytics and Reporting

This feature also integrates easy reporting and analytics to provide you with a better insight to your workflows. You can uncover workflow insufficiencies and find out various cost-saving opportunities. 

There are two different options available here:

  • Xerox Workplace Suite 

This option makes sure that print management goes smoothly on-site with mobile access. It is the top choice for firms that need print security, access controls, and monitoring to keep the data within the network. 

  • Xerox Workplace Cloud

Integrated with Microsoft Azure, this option is suitable for remote workflows allowing users outside the office to use the print management service in the office. It is a good choice for hybrid work environments, and users can use print services at their homes and on the move. 

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