3 Tips When Looking for a Sacramento Xerox Copier

Many copier contracts may have wording such as “We have the right to make annual increases in the click rates by 5% to address rising prices of service and parts…” Avoid increasing rates such as these. If it is in the contract, it is more than likely that the company will execute those increases in rates.

An organization’s copiers have different types and levels of users. Each employee has different needs and expectations. Some of your users may be sophisticated in their knowledge of templates to speed up their work and know how to operate the interface at advanced levels. Some of them may only know how to press that red button to make copies. Take the time to understand your employees, their skills, needs, roles, and their expectations when it comes time to choose your copier.

Stay on top of things. Many leases will require you to return the copier or give notification to return after the lease is over. If you miss the bus, the lease can be renewed automatically. Be sure to read the wording of your contract so that you know what to expect if you do not return the copier on time.