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3 Tips for Your Sacramento Xerox Machine

Avoid the upgrades if you do not need them. Of course every copier representative wants to sell the $8,000 copier rather than the one that costs $2,000. As a potential customer, you may be presented with various expensive copiers that come with a plethora of features that you don’t need, and some of them will…

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Your Sacramento Xerox Copier Options

When you call our office, we are your trusted advisors. You are asking us to find you a copier that will work flawlessly for your organization. You don’t want your copier to be a source of perpetual hindrance for your business processes. You have so many choices to choose from, but you don’t know where…

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3 Tips When Looking for a Sacramento Xerox Copier

Many copier contracts may have wording such as “We have the right to make annual increases in the click rates by 5% to address rising prices of service and parts…” Avoid increasing rates such as these. If it is in the contract, it is more than likely that the company will execute those increases in…

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