3 Tips for Your Sacramento Xerox Machine

Avoid the upgrades if you do not need them. Of course every copier representative wants to sell the $8,000 copier rather than the one that costs $2,000. As a potential customer, you may be presented with various expensive copiers that come with a plethora of features that you don’t need, and some of them will have all that you need. Just make sure that you do not end up paying big bucks for the copiers that have features that you don’t need. More than likely, features on copiers push the dollars up on price.

Modern copiers have much automation that will improve productivity and efficiency in the office. Things like Scan to USB, searchable PDF, Print from USB, stamping, mobile functionalities and print, document management, and saddle stitching. These features are rarely used in because the organization is either uninformed of the features or it was not ever properly set up. It is important to be conscious of all the features available on your copier, how your organizations can use these features, and how much these features will cost.

If you do not need color documents, then don’t get color on your copier. If necessary, install and utilize a second driver. Just removing the temptation of using color can go a long way. Have two separate drivers set up; one for B & W, and the other for color. Typically, marketing brochures and collateral are the only prints that need color.